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China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation Emergency Warning and Rescue Equipment Co., Ltd. (CHINA HARZONE, securities referred to as "China Emergency", stock code 300527), was established in 1967. The company has an extremely proud history ---- Mao Zedong personally approved the construction, Xi Jinping, Hu Jintao, Jiang Zemin reviewed the company's products, Yu Zhengsheng and He Guoqiang visited the company in person, and General Zhang Aiping personally wrote the name of the factory.

Adhering to the corporate mission of “taking emergency protection as its responsibility and contributing to human safety”, the company focuses on China's emergency business, expands from emergency traffic engineering equipment to emergency warning and rescue equipment, and gradually develops and develops into China's emergency warning and rescue equipment R & D and Innovation base, with Wuhan R & D, Beijing marketing, Chibi manufacturing and three major bases, is known as the pioneer of China's emergency industry. Is a national enterprise technology center and emergency transportation engineering equipment Hubei Engineering Research Center, a national high-tech enterprise. In 2016, it became the first listed military assembly company and the first listed company in the emergency industry.

The company implements the service tenet of “Military-civilian integration, wartime war, guaranteeing wins, emergency response, and service economy”, and has launched various types of emergency warning and rescue equipment, combining product disaster relief, dual-use military and civilian use, and leading product emergency response. Traffic engineering equipment covers the four major transportation areas of highway, railway, waterway, and aviation. It has formed three layers of emergency warning and rescue equipment systems, namely, engineering support, logistics support, and mobilization of emergency support. Enterprise engineering construction provides products, services and solutions.

The company adheres to the development concept of “science and technology leading development and innovation for the future”, and continuously strengthens the innovation system construction. The core technology of the product has always maintained a leading position in the industry, and has been listed in the “Record of Guidance for Key Products and Services in the Emergency Industry”. More than a hundred progress awards, military and provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological progress awards, the company has been rated as China Shipbuilding Industry Advanced Technology Innovation Enterprise, Hubei Province Innovation Advanced Unit for many years.

  "Meticulous design, fine management, meticulous care, good work at once", "Reliable and successful sales to customers" is our common code of conduct.

In the field of emergency traffic engineering equipment, the products cover road, railway, waterway, aviation and other directions. Leading products are: emergency pontoons for quickly overcoming river obstacles in an emergency; emergency combined ferries, which quickly implement water transportation and engineering operations after rapid assembly; emergency docks, which can be quickly assembled into a variety of shapes of water platforms And docking docks; emergency mechanized bridges for quickly overcoming dryness, rain cracks, small and medium-sized rivers, and products ranging from emergency mechanical modular bridges, emergency heavy mechanized bridges, and third-generation emergency large-span rapid bridges, making China an emergency Long-span rapid bridge technology stepped into the world's leading level; emergency amphibious mechanized bridge, amphibious amphibious, used to quickly overcome artificial and natural obstacles such as trenches, craters; emergency fast hard roads, used for low load such as mud, snow, and beach Temporary passages are quickly laid in capacity areas; emergency mobile railway platforms are used to quickly set up temporary platforms in the event of damage to the ro-ro operation of railway transportation materials; emergency aprons are used to ensure rapid emergency landing and landing of helicopters.

In the field of emergency rescue disposal equipment, the products cover nuclear emergency, water rescue, natural disaster disposal, and mine rescue. Leading products are: nuclear emergency generator set, deep diving rescue equipment, marine emergency search and rescue system, underwater salvage equipment, emergency transfer equipment for dangerous chemicals on the water, multifunctional emergency rescue platform, dammed lake drainage rescue equipment, rock fall area protection Corridors, amphibious rescue vehicles, sand throwing emergency rescue vehicles, mine rescue capsules, underground refuge rooms, steam, oil and gas pipelines, and super pipeline maintenance and repair products.

In the field of early warning equipment, the leading products are: nuclear power hydrogen elimination hydrogen measurement equipment, nuclear power plant radiation monitoring system, trace substance analysis and detection instrument, wind power / photovoltaic electric field remote monitoring system, etc.
In the field of firefighting and rescue equipment, the products cover ship firefighting equipment, firefighting vehicles, firefighting equipment and other directions. Leading products are: large and medium-sized surface ship comprehensive fire fighting equipment, ammunition fire and explosion safety systems, fire suppression and explosion suppression systems, fire robots, high-power remote water supply and fire protection systems, high-rise escape emergency descending devices, and so on.

In the field of public emergency equipment, the products cover integrated equipment, lighting equipment, and security equipment. Leading products are: car emergency box, emergency start power supply, multi-functional window breaker, escape descent device, emergency flashlight, anti-haze mask and so on.

Based on the market concept of “sharing a win-win situation and pursuing lastingness”, the company continues to develop two international and domestic markets, the domestic market expands horizontally and vertically; the foreign market accelerates its layout and blossoms in more places, and has established branches in Asia, Africa, and South America. Institutions, products have been exported to more than 40 countries and regions.

In recent years, the multi-type emergency warning and rescue equipment developed by the company has not only made important contributions to the modernization of national defense equipment, but also has been involved in natural disasters such as the Wenchuan earthquake, Zhouqu debris flow, Bangladesh flood, Pakistan earthquake, and the "Eastern Star" passenger ship crash. It played an important role in the rescue. The company was incorporated into the national disaster relief emergency procurement system and is an excellent supplier for emergency procurement by the United Nations rescue agency. In 2015, the company's heavy mechanized bridge won the first overall score in the Russian equipment competition. The emergency mobile railway platform and wheeled impact bridge developed by the company participated in the 60th anniversary of the founding of New China and the 90th anniversary of the founding of the People's Liberation Army. Military parade.

The development of the emergency industry and the provision of emergency protection are the struggles of generations in China. For more than 50 years, China Emergency has built a team that can be innovative, hard-working, and dedicated with a character that is courageous and aggressive. Insist on green development and care for resources and environment; build the enterprise into a platform for employees to "achieve careers and enjoy life", realize the common development of enterprises, employees and related parties, and interpret the new emergency work and life concept of China.

Under the guidance of the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan”, “Expanding an industry, developing two major markets, consolidating three bases, advancing the construction of four industries, doubling the total volume in five years”, the company will firmly grasp the history of the country ’s vigorous development of the emergency industry Opportunities, highlight innovation drive, adhere to high-quality development, and strive to build a "national team" leading enterprise of "emergency-oriented, military-civilian integration, and technological leadership". Realize the "new three steps" leap from emergency traffic engineering equipment to emergency warning and rescue equipment to the emergency industry!