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Huazhou Heavy Industry always adheres to the concept of "achievement of careers and enjoyment of life", provides employees with career development channels consistent with its characteristics, helps employees determine personal development goals, and helps employees realize their personalness through planned training, job exchange, and promotion development Goals. In order to promote the common development of Huazhou Heavy Industry and employees, the following measures have been implemented:

I. Job classification

According to the differences in the nature and content of work, each job is mainly divided into three major occupational categories: business management, engineering technology, and skills.

1. Business management occupations include positions that perform various management functions in production and operation activities, including marketing management, production management, quality management, financial management, human resource management, material management, and comprehensive management.

2. Engineering and technology occupations include positions in product development and design and various technical research applications, including product research and development, process technology, and equipment technology.

3. Skilled occupations include direct production and auxiliary production positions.

Second, staff development channels

Establish and improve the career development channel of Huazhou Heavy Industry. The career development channel is divided into vertical career development channel and horizontal career development channel. The vertical career development channel is the job promotion channel. Posts are divided into different levels according to factors such as the conditions of employment, salary and other factors, and a sequence of posts from low to high is formed. Employees are progressively promoted along this sequence of positions.

1. Operation and management category: senior management personnel, middle management personnel, assistants, senior project managers, project managers, senior salesmen, salesmen

2. Engineering technology: chief engineer, technical expert, technical leader, chief engineer, engineer, assistant engineer, technician

3. Skills: Chief technician, senior technician, intermediate technician, technician, senior worker, intermediate worker, junior worker

4, other (logistics, auxiliary) categories: foreman, with shift, operator, operator

Horizontal career development channel means that employees can switch between different occupational categories on the condition that they meet the post requirements and have relevant knowledge. Achieve horizontal professional development of employees through competitive recruitment, examination selection and rotation communication.

Third, career development

1. Establish the company's internal career information system. The career information system provides employees with information on job settings, job standards, job vacancies, job descriptions, and more.

2. Career development planning for employees. Huazhou Heavy Industry establishes a system of staff career development planners. Staff career development planners are generally headed by department heads. According to the employees' professional expertise and career development vision, based on the employer's personnel demand plan, the employee's career development planning guide helps employees determine future career development goals.

3. Implement the planned guarantee measures. The first is to sort out relevant systems for career development and establish and improve employee training, rotation, promotion and other systems; the second is to organize targeted training based on the employee's career development plan and the employer's demand plan; The deployment process enables staff rotation or promotion.