The wages and salaries of Huazhou Heavy Industry employees are based on the principle of fixed salary, changing from salary to salary; adhere to the principle that salary and salary are inclined to product research and development, marketing, and important responsible positions, and pay attention to the introduction of high-tech management talents, and pay levels gradually increase with the market Alignment; based on the principle of giving priority to benefits, adjusting employees' income levels according to the growth rate of benefits.

Implementation of monthly salary and year-end performance salary distribution: management, technical personnel, logistical support personnel to implement the post wage system, front-line production workers implement the piece rate system, year-end performance wages and annual performance assessment results linked to the payment.

Huazhou Heavy Industry implements the performance evaluation management for all employees, from the headquarters to the second-level production unit, the second-level production unit to the shift team and employees, so that each department and position has a clear responsibility. Remuneration is linked to performance, innovation is linked to performance, performance pay is linked to year-end performance, and three teams' performance evaluation files are established to provide upside for employee evaluation and (post) job promotion, forming a full-coverage, multi-level, all-member performance evaluation system . Encouraging innovation and energizing the performance evaluation system for all employees makes the company's management team more explosive and teamwork spirit. The product research and development results are remarkable, the sales market continues to expand, the market share of Huazhou Heavy Industries products has increased year by year, and the total production economy has steadily increased. Lay a solid foundation for the future development of Huazhou Heavy Industry.