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Hu Shuhua, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of Wuhan Municipal People's Congress, visited the company

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On the morning of November 12, Hu Shuhua, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Wuhan Municipal People's Congress, led a team to the company for investigation, and Liu Shuliang, deputy general manager, received the investigation team and his party.

Accompanied by Liu Shuliang, Hu Shuhua visited the company's exhibition hall and emergency equipment production line, heard briefings and exchanged views. Liu Shuliang said that in recent years, the company has focused on the emergency industry, implemented innovation-driven, implemented the national military-civilian integration development strategy, and made good use of incentive policies. With the strong support of relevant departments in Hubei Province and Wuhan, the emergency industry development has achieved certain results.

Hu Shuhua praised the company's industrial development ideas and affirmed the achievements made under the downward pressure on the economy. He said that as the company's counterpart contact, through the visits and investigations of many companies, China's emergency industry has the most characteristics, and it is not only a large industry that conforms to the development strategy of the country, Hubei Province, and Wuhan, but also a civilian industry. It is hoped that enterprises will actively participate in the construction of the sub-center of the Central China Reserve Center, seize the development opportunities of the ship, bridge, and steel structure industries in Wuhan, accelerate the development of flood control and drought resistance equipment, and achieve high-quality development.

At the symposium, Hu Shuhua asked the Wuhan Municipal Emergency Management Bureau and the Jiangxia District Government to do a good job of connecting services to help enterprises enter the government's emergency management system more smoothly.

Wei Yiping, deputy secretary general of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, a leader and expert of Wuhan Emergency Management Bureau, and officials from relevant departments of Jiangxia District accompanied the investigation.





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