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Huazhou Heavy Industry owns a national-level enterprise technology center, emergency transportation engineering equipment, Hubei Provincial Engineering Research Center, and emergency equipment research and design institute as the core technological innovation platform. It has formed cutting-edge technology and common technology research, new product research and engineering development, and testing. The scientific and technological innovation system including verification and personnel training provides a good technical support for the industrial structure adjustment of Huazhou Heavy Industry and the development of emergency transportation engineering equipment to the high end.

National Enterprise Technology Center

Huazhou Heavy Industry Technology Center was jointly recognized as a national-level enterprise technology center by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Finance, the State Customs Administration and the State Administration of Taxation in 2012.

As the technical highland of Huazhou Heavy Industry, the technology center has more than 220 R & D personnel and annually completes more than 100 new product, new technology and new process research results, which has played a strong supporting role for the sustainable and stable development of the company.


Emergency Equipment Research and Design Institute

As the core of the technology center, the Emergency Equipment Research and Design Institute is dedicated to research on common technologies for military and civilian emergency transportation engineering equipment, advance research on forward-looking technologies, new product research and engineering development. According to the company's industrial development direction, the Emergency Equipment Research and Design Institute has 7 R & D departments including waterway emergency traffic engineering, highway emergency traffic engineering, railway emergency traffic engineering, aviation emergency traffic engineering equipment, emergency technical equipment, special purpose vehicles, and bridge engineering. As well as the Comprehensive Management Office, Science and Technology Development Office, and Experimental Testing Center. There are more than 120 R & D personnel, including 7 scientific and technological experts who enjoy special government allowances, 5 doctors, 32 masters, 10 senior researchers at the research level, and 25 senior engineers; 12 external experts, including 1 academician and doctoral supervisor. 6 people. A research and development team led by senior experts such as the special allowance of the State Council, special allowance of the provincial government, and senior engineer at the researcher level has been formed.

The Emergency Equipment Research and Design Institute has completed more than 50 new product research and advanced technology advance research projects every year. Formed a "production generation, research and development generation, reserve generation" research and development system. In the construction of boat bridges, mechanized bridges, roads, emergency technical equipment, special purpose vehicles, large-scale steel structure bridges, etc., a number of significant achievements with independent intellectual property rights have been made. 10 awards; 80 authorized patents, including 30 valid invention patents.

The experimental testing center has the ability to verify the structural static test, fatigue reliability test, welding test, mechanical performance test, electrical system function test, and comprehensive performance test of emergency traffic engineering equipment.


Emergency Traffic Engineering Equipment Hubei Engineering Research Center

Relying on the "Emergency Transportation Engineering Equipment Hubei Engineering Research Center" set up by Huazhou Heavy Industry Technology Center, focusing on the needs of national transportation emergency support capacity, research and develop key common technologies that are urgently needed to promote industry technological progress and product upgrades; research and development has independent knowledge High-end emergency transportation engineering equipment with property rights; research and formulate national standards and industry standards for emergency transportation engineering equipment; provide emergency rescue and disaster relief, road maintenance solutions and consulting services for relevant national and government departments; provide engineering technology verification for the emergency transportation engineering equipment industry And consulting services.